TurfMaker carries a broad line of hydroseeders for sale perfect for small, medium and large jobs.  We also have an extensive parts catalog for our hydroseeders.  Order on line or call us at 800 551-2304.

Our ThreeEighty Hydroseeder is well suited for the first time buyer.  It’s small enough to be carried in the back of a pickup truck or a small utility trailer yet versatile enough to handle small to medium jobs.  Sale price for this hydroseeder fits many small companies budget constraints and available options can customize the machine to suit their needs perfectly.  Read more about what First Time Buyers Should Know.

The FiveFifty Hydroseeder is our top seller.  This machine configured with our exclusive Clear Water Flush and Self Fill System enables a hydroseeding team to double or triple productivity with the addition of a poly tank to the set up.  In this configuration, the machine is nearly as productive as a 1000-gallon machine at nearly half the cost.  Sale price for this model size fits many companies’ budget constraints and provides a perfect machine for small and large jobs.

The TurfMaker EightHundred and TwelveHundred Gallon hydroseeders are large enough to provide thick wood mulch applications on small home lawn sites, or thin “hydro-seeding” applications on as much as 25,000 square feet per tank load.  Either way a tank can be loaded, mixed, and applied in less than thirty minutes. In addition, up to as many as 20 tank loads can be applied in a normal workday, assuming water for re-filling is readily available.

We also have 430, 650 and 1000-gallon hydroseeders for sale.  For more information see our Machine Page, click on the menu above or call us at 800 551-2304.