Hydroseeders and Hydromulchers

First Time Buyers
TurfMaker Three Twenty Five Hydroseeder Don’t be misled.  Jet agitation hydroseeder machines can only make soupy mixes.  Soupy Mixes are needed on dry powdery soils and on sandy soils.  Thicker Slurries are needed on hard soils and wet soils. Soupy mixes are an invitation to washouts and poor germination.

SECONDLY: The amount of mulch applied per hour is the most important measure of hydromulching efficiency.  Any mechanically agitated machine will frequently triple the mulch application rate of jet machines.

More Mulch per Tank LoadTurfMaker Twelve Hundred Hydroseeder

Before you sign the deal, run a TurfMaker side-by-side with any other machine you think you want.  Most contractors will choose a TurfMaker over anything else when they experience the ease of operation and productivity (more mulch per tank, more tanks per hour).

TurfMaker Features & Design Differences Improve Productivity

»  CALL FOR A TURFMAKER DEMONSTRATION - Compare to any competitor.  You WILL be impressed with the simple design, the user friendliness, and the higher productivity. 

»  POWERFUL MECHANICAL AGITATION - Load and mix the thickest wood mulch slurries almost instantly.  No wasted time reversing the agitator for total mixing. 

»  PROPRIETARY ROTARY GEAR PUMP is capable of pumping very thick slurries through long hoses without loss of pressure at the end of the hose.  A TurfMaker® is THE MACHINE to use when pumping with 500 feet of hose up the side of a mountain.

»  USER FRIENDLY LOW-PROFILE LOADING PLATFORMS - This design feature minimizes user fatigue caused by lifting heavy bags of mulch onto high loading platforms. 

»  CLEAR WATER HOSE FLUSH SYSTEM - This system pumps clear water through the hose pushing the heavy mulch out of the end of the hose.  The hose drains completely resulting in the hose becoming very light weight, making it easy to handle and store.

»  DOUBLE THE MACHINE CAPACITY - A TurfMaker® can fill itself from an auxiliary water tank, effectively doubling or even tripling capacity by avoiding extra trips to the water source.  This is particularly important when a high volume water source is not close by.  If garden hoses are the only close water supply, an auxiliary water tank can be filling during spraying operations. 

»  CONTROL HOSE PRESSURE - The pumping pressure control is independent of the engine speed and agitator mixing speed.  This allows the user at the end of a 300’ hose to precisely spray around flowerbeds with low-pressure or spray the mulch slurry as far as 100’ from the end of the hose with high pressure.

»  SIMPLICITY OF DESIGN - There are no clutches or hydraulic systems to fail, just tensioned V-belts that operate like most riding lawnmowers.  Yet, the pump, the pump pressure, and the agitator are all controlled independent of each other. 

TRY IT - YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED - In almost all cases, when an experienced or new person uses a TurfMaker®, they are impressed and sometimes amazed at how such a simple machine can perform at such a high level.  AND yet costs no more, and in some cases costs considerably less than other similar machines.

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TurfMaker Hydraulic 700 Gallon

TurfMaker at the Panama Canal

TurfMaker at the Panama Canal
These Grasstech workers are trying to improve upon one of the great engineering feats of history: the Panama Canal.

TurfMaker Gear Pump

A TurfMaker gear pump is the best choice for thick mulch slurries.  A centrifugal pump will pump less dense mixtures and project slightly further with a tower gun, assuming adequate horsepower..  Either pump will provide good service for most hydromulching operations.
More Technical Information

Hydraulic or Mechanical Drive

The agitator and the pump can be driven with belts, chains, or a hydraulic motor.  It does not matter as long as the system is reliable and powerful enough to do the job. 

Hydraulic systems can easily be set up to run in forward or reverse.

AGITATOR:  Running the agitator backwards can be a useful feature when too much water has been loaded into the tank before all the mulch is loaded or if the system is just not powerful enough to have thorough mixing.  Otherwise, running the agitator backwards is of no value. 

PUMP:  A hydraulically driven gear pump can be run backwards which can help remove a clog.  A direct coupled centrifugal pump cannot run backwards. 

FINAL NOTE:  Mechanical systems are simple and are typically easy to repair.

There are no limitations with a TurfMaker® hydroseeder